The LNMP Stack ships the components listed below. If you want to know which specific version of each component is bundled in the stack you are installing, check the Image introduction page of marketplace. You can also find more information about each component using the links below.

You can view the version of components from our LNMP Repository on Github

Path and Directory



Path and Directory

OS SupportCentOS7.x
Web Application Server Nginx

Sites Directory

PHP Configuration File/etc/php.ini
PHP Modules Configuration Directory/etc/php.d
Nginx Vhost Configuration File/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf
Nginx Configuration File/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
Nginx Logs Directory/var/log/nginx

Nginx Rewrite Rules Directory


php-fpm Directory/etc/php-fpm.d
php-fpm Configuration File/etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf
MySQL Data Directory/data/mysql
MySQL Configuration File/etc/my.cnf
MySQL Management URL

http://Internet IP/phpmyadmin


If you are using the PHP+Java Image Stack,you should know that PHP+Java Stack is just composed of LNMP Stack plus Tomcat and OpenJDK components,only a simple change.


Path and Directory

Java EditionOpenJDK
JVM Directory/usr/lib/jvm

Tomcat Configuration File


Tomcat Installation Directory


Tomcat Projects Directory


Tomcat Logs Directory


Tomcat Welcome page

http://Internet IP:8080

Java sample application

http://Internet IP:8080/sample/
http://Internet IP:8080/examples/









How Can I running Java applications on LNMP?

If you are not using PHP+Java Image Stack you can not run Java applications.

But you can add Java&Tomcat components on LNMP then you can run Java applications

Just runing the command below

yum install tomcat-* -y && systemctl enable tomcat && systemctl start tomcat

When completed the installation of Tomcat, restart you Instance you can use the Tomcat