By default /data is on the system disk. when you need to transfer to the data disk, the steps are as follows:

  1. Before you start the transfer, please be sure to make a data backup
  2. Create a mount point folder in your root directory Server,like /temp
  3. Mount your data disk to /temp folder
  4. Stop Nginx and MySQL services
    systemctl stop mysqld
    systemctl stop nginx
    systemctl stop php-fpm

  5. Copy all files under /data to the temporary folder /temp

    If the data is large, the cut or copy may fail

  6. After the data transfer is completed, umount your data disk from /temp
  7. Mount your data disk to /data folder
  8. Start Nginx and MySQL by running the following command:
    systemctl start mysqld
    systemctl start nginx
    systemctl start php-fpm

Before mout disk to mount point, you should complete partition and format data disk, these operation are very complex, please refer to chapter of documentation Using Cloud Server