Sending mail in the application is a common feature. After a large number of user practice feedback, only one way to send an email is recommended, that is, using the third-party STMP service to send the email.

SMTP General settings

There are three steps for SMTP to send mail in your application:

  1. Apply the SMTP account from Mail Provider, E.g Gmail/Hotmail/QQ Mail/163
  2. Enter to the interface of SMTP in your application, some times you need to install SMTP plugin or extentsion in your application
  3. Fill in the correct parameter, test SMTP

Don't try to configure your Cloud Server as a SMTP Server, because the routing configuration of the mail system is restricted by many factors such as domain name, firewall, routing, etc., it leads to instability, difficulty in maintenance and poor diagnosis.

SMTP Test failure

If your SMTP is correct but you can not send email, please follow the steps below to diagnose

  1. Login to Server, running these commands, using the Telnet to test SMTP connectivity

//Install telnet
yum install telnet -y

//Test SMTP, E.g 163 mail
telnet 465

  1. If received the message "220 smtp.*.com Esmtp *Mail Server" or "Escape character is '^]'", it means your SMTP is connectable

Your Server IP address may be blocked by the STMP Server for some reason and it not connectable

  1. If your SMTP is connectable but you still can't send mail by SMTP, please review these below