The complete upgrade of this Image includes: Operating System patch upgrade, LNMP components upgrade

Website technology is changing with each passing day. Updates and upgrades are one of the maintenance tasks. Programs that are not upgraded for a long time, like buildings that are not maintained for a long time, will accelerate aging and gradually lose functionality until they are unavailable.

Upgrade on Linux

Websoft9 Java Image on Linux is based on RPM package, so you can use the yum command to upgrade all

#upgrade all patch in this Image
yum update -y


  1. Is this Image support MySQL5.6 upgrade to MySQL5.7?
    No,you can upgrade the same version, E.g 5.6.x to 5.6.y   or  5.7.x to 5.7.y

  1. What should I do before upgrade?
    You should backup all your data