Using the Websoft9 ERPNext, you should have some skills for configure MariaDB like below:

For the above content, we have prepared the MySQL Quik Start for users.


Top3 MariaDB configuration you must use when using this Image

#1 Modify the MariaDB root password

Using the Chrome or FireFox to visit http://Internet IP:9090 to login phpMyAdmin, change the password on the dashboard directly

#2 Reset the MariaDB root password

Using the SSH to connect Cloud Server, run the following command

sudo git clone; cd linuxscript/Mysql_ResetPasswd_Script;sudo sh

#3 Import and Export database

In phpMyAdmin, Export is to back up the database, import and restore the database.


  1. Login to phpMyAdmin, select your database then click "Export" tab on the top menu

  2. Select suitable Export method,Format for you, then click the "Go" button to start export
  3. After the database backup file (.sql suffix) is generated, save it to the local computer


  1. Restore the database, corresponding to the "Import" operation, refer to the following
  2. Import files should pay special attention to character set compatibility