Skypool Nimiq Homepage:

1. Get a Nimiq account

It is recommended to create a private account at and save the mnemonic.

You can also use an exchange Nimiq address.

Sample standard wallet address format: NQ48 8CKH BA24 2VR3 N249 N8MN J5XX 74DB 5XJ8

2. Download mining client

2.1. Skypool CPU client

What's more, Skypool Nimiq homepage have Linux one-line-script for batch using:


2.2. Skypool GPU client

2.3. NoncerPro GPU client

NoncerPro is third-part Nimiq GPU mining client and could connecting Skypool to mine.


2.4. Skypool proxy tools (optional)

If you don't understant what's proxy, you could ignore this section, that won't influence nomral mining.

Skypool CPIU and GPU client could using Skypool proxy tools and connecting many rigs to a proxy machine to connect skypool.

It's useful for some rigs couldn't connect Skypool directly.


3. Monitoring rigs and query rewards

In enter wallet address to query rigs status, rewards, hashrate table and payment history.


Skypool payout at 0:00AM and 12:00AM (UTC+8) when balance larger than 10 NIM.