Mathematical Programming Cards User's Guide

42.What is the card used for?

There are different contents on the card. By placing Qobo on different cards, different contents can be read and displayed by sound and light.  


43. How are cards assembled?

Assemble cards through different grooves.  


44. How to use banana and apple judgment cards?

Before using the judgment card, you need to do a pre-judgment first and then decide  which one you should choose, banana card will make qobo follow instructions on the cards below it, vice versa for the apple.  


45. What can I learn from math cards?

It can help exercise children's computing skills, teach them to recognize numbers and calculation principles within 1-20, and make children more interested in learning math through gamification.  


46.What can I learn from music cards?

You can learn the basic music theory through the card content, and develop the sense of music based on the sound.  


47. How can I switch between free modes?

Just switch with the free start card.  


48. How can I switch the mode?

Use the breakthrough card to switch.  


49. How can I switch to the math mode?

Use the math start card to switch.  


50. How can I switch to the programming mode?

By connectIng Qobo with a data cable, then you could program on the PC side and then get code uploaded to it ,and then Qobo will automatically do as you program in the block codes.  


51. How can I switch to the music mode?

Use the music start card to switch.