After about two-year hard work, mBlock 5 has been greatly enhanced, and more and more people are choosing mBlock 5 to teach and learn computer programming.

Based on mBlock 3, mBlock 5 has been optimized in the user interface, separated stage sprites from devices, and provided more practical and playful features to improve your coding experience. We highly recommend you mBlock 5 for teaching and learning code. Please note that it will not replace mBlock 3. You can still use both mBlock 5 and mBlock 3.

Below are the main new features of mBlock 5.

Try mBlock 5 web version here:

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The mBlock 3 web editor has to run with Flash Player. And since Adobe Inc. has announced that it will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020, the mBlock 3 web editor will no longer work on mainstream browsers, such as Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, IE, and Mozilla by then. (For details about the announcement of Adobe Inc., visit

Besides, with the release of macOS Catalina 10.15, 32-bit app support is no longer available. Thus mBlock 3 Mac version will fail to run on macOS Catalina 10.15 and later versions of macOS.

Please note that mBlock 3 desktop version can still run properly in the Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10 systems and macOS systems earlier than 10.15.

Comparison chart of mBlock 3 and mBlock 5

FunctionmBlock 5mBlock 3mBlock 5 feature details
Software statusUpdatingStop updating/
Project file storageCloud and localLocalSave and manage mBlock 5 projects in the cloud or local. Projects are synced in the cloud; users can access to their projects from desktop, web, and mobile.
Scratch versionBased on Scratch 3, compatible with .sb2 and .sb3 filesBased on Scratch 2, compitable with .sb2 filesmBlock 5 supports opening and editing mBlock 3, Scratch 2 and Scratch 3 projects.
Device/spriteSprites separated from devicesSprites mixed with devicesProgramming area in mBlock 5 is more intuitive and straightforward.
Arduino C programmingYesYes/
Python programmingYesNo/
Supported deviceRJ25 system: mBot, mBot Ranger, Novapi, MagePi, Orion, Ultimate2.0; Arduino series: UNO, Mega 2560, Nano, Micro, Yun, Leonardo; Python system: HaloCode, micro:bit; Neuron, MotionBlock, Bluetooth ControllerRJ25 system: mBot, mBot Ranger, Novapi, MagePi, Orion,Ultimate2.0; Arduino series: UNO, Mega 2560, Nano, Micro, Yun, LeonardoCompatible with devices supported by mBlock 3, and supports more new devices
Exporting HD block imagesYesNoFacilitates lesson preparation and sharing
Example projectYesNoMakes teaching and learning a lot easier
AIIntroduced with AI extensions, including speech, text, image recognition. Build machine learning models.No/
Data visualizationWork with Data Chart and Google Sheet. Access weather data from the InternetNo/
IoTBridge robots and the Internet through broadcasting in the cloud.No/
Google ClassroomShare projects to google classromNo/
Extension customizationCustomize extensions with default templates or parameters configuration, requiring less development.Heavy development workloadGo to mBlock 5 Extension Builder:

A quick tour of mBlock 5

Sleek and intuitive user interface


Seamlessly switch from blocks to text


Data Science and IoT


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