D5 Converter - 3Ds MAX is an export plug-in for D5 users to export all scenes or single models from 3Ds MAX, you can export .skp model file with texture or .d5a model file with V-Ray material info, you can import directly to D5 Render for rendering.

Installation Requirement

Version support: 3Ds Max 2017 or above. (Highly recommend 2020 and above)

You must install V-Ray 3.6 or above for 3ds Max.

Download from D5 official website


  1. Run 3Ds Max as Administrator
  2. On the top navigation bar of 3Ds Max, click ‘Scripting’-‘Run Script...’- select

the installation package“D5Converter_xxx.mzp”

  1. After installation completed, please restart 3Ds Max so that it could load D5

Converter correctly

  1. The D5 Converter will be found on the right of top navigation bar – Now, you

can choose ‘Export D5 Render File’ or ‘Export SketchUp File’



  1. Export Single File


  1. Export Batch Files


  1. Settings of Export SketchUp File


  1. Settings of Export D5 Render File


  1. Quick ProOptimizer for reducing meshes



  1. Why can’t I re-install the new version of D5 Converter? (When it updates automatically or you re-install the new version manually.)

Close 3Ds Max, then run the D5CCleanUpTool.exe to clean the older installed files of specific Max’s version automatically. After that, run the 3Ds Max as Administrator and install the new version of D5 Converter.

  1. Why can’t I install the D5 Converter for 3Ds Max 2021?

Close 3Ds Max, then run FirstRunForMax2021.exe to set the compatible environment value for D5 Converter.

  1. Why some objects in exported .d5a file are with wrong position? Because the mesh in exported .d5a file is with format FBX, some transform matrix of modifier can’t be attached within FBX.

There are two ways could solve this problem:

a) Use the version 2020 of 3Ds Max.

b) Select the wrong position objects, and ungroup the groups which are
containing the wrong position objects. Then, go to ‘Utilities’ and find ‘Reset XForm’, click ‘Reset Selected’. Do export again.


  1. How to export the scene with Corona Render?

a) Install V-ray for 3Ds Max, select all objects of scene and right click, select
the ‘V-Ray scene converter’. It can convert Corona materials to V-ray materials, then do export. (Limitation: the CoronaBitmap can’t be converted.)

b) Any scripts that could convert Corona materials to V-ray materials perfectly, then do export.