Download and Installation

You can download the latest version on the official website, or click the link below to download it.

After downloading, double-click the .exe file and follow the instruction to install D5 Converter-Revit.

Supported versions: Revit 2017 to Revit 2021



Before using the synchronization feature ic_sync_regular.png, make sure that D5 Render is started.

When D5 Render has an empty scene, create a model directly in the scene.

When there are existing model files in D5 Render, the first time you synchronize, you need to establish a connection between the synchronized models and the existing models in the resource list.


View synchronization

ic_connect_regular.pngTurn on View Sync, the current view of Revit is synchronized with the view of D5 Render

ic_unconnect_regular.pngTurn off View Sync, disconnect view sync from Revit and D5 Render

You can further set the category to be synchronized in the Setting.

Export d5a

Click the buttonic_export_regular.png to export. d5a file

  1. Option to export only selected objects
  2. Categories that do not need to be exported can be excluded



Further setting of the sync view function through Settingic_set_regular.png

  1. You can choose whether to update the model to synchronize the current view or not
  2. Categories that do not need to be synchronized can be excluded