The Developer Experience Gap


If there is and can be no Apple-equivalent enterprise vendor arriving to make sure the enterprise telephone app team plays nicely with the enterprise music player team, what progress can be expected? It’s early, and the next few quarters should provide hints at who has accurately identified the depth of the problem and taken steps to address it. In the meantime, here are five adjectives that will describe the next generation of developer experience: Comprehensive, Developer Native, Elegant, Multi-Runtime, Multi-Vendor.

Faster Web App Delivery with PRPL


PRPL is a pattern for structuring and serving web applications and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with an emphasis on improved app delivery and launch performance. The letters describe a set of ordered steps for fast, reliable, efficient loading.

Webpack 5 release


The major version was also the chance to revise some of the defaults and to align with proposals and specifications that come up in the meantime. Relaeted: Webpack 5 Headache, How to Set Up webpack 5 from Scratch.

Temporal: Open Source Workflows as Code



Microservices, serverless functions, cloud-native applications—distributed event-driven business applications are hot, and we will deal with them for years. I worry that the application development industry underestimates the complexity of such systems. Ad-hoc solutions to common problems may rapidly increase the technical debt and slow down the ability to innovate. I’m excited to see tools like Temporal enter the space of open-source workflows, or rather the space of asynchronous data processing. Releated: Why the Serverless Revolution Has Stalled, Serverless Horror Stories.

Emerging Architectures for Modern Data Infrastructure


And yet, despite all of this energy and momentum, we’ve found that there is still a tremendous amount of confusion around what technologies are on the leading end of this trend and how they are used in practice. In the last two years, we talked to hundreds of founders, corporate data leaders, and other experts – including interviewing 20+ practitioners on their current data stacks – in an attempt to codify emerging best practices and draw up a common vocabulary around data infrastructure. This post will begin to share the results of that work and showcase technologists pushing the industry forward.

Thoughts writing a Google App script


Recently a friend of mine asked for a simple program that would correlate some data drawn from a couple of online services. I decided the best way to do this for him would be to use a google spreadsheet as the host, putting the code into the spreadsheet's script area. I'm no expert in Google App Script, but the exercise led to a few observations, which I feel compelled to share.


How focusing on web performance improved Tokopedia's click-through rate by 35%


Creating a web performance dashboard and optimizing JavaScript, resources, and the homepage to achieve business success.

Svelte for Sites, React for Apps


Why we should stop trying to use the same tool for different jobs. In 2020, my personal recommendation to web developers is to use Svelte for Sites, and React for Apps. This is, remarkably, a nuanced enough opinion that it pisses off fans of either of them.



本文介绍了一个新的编码技巧:“适当可扩展”,什么样的代码才能成为 “适当” 的呢?文中详细的进行了解释。值得一提,代码的各种优秀特征,都是需要花费精力来写出来的,也就说需要成本,我们才能有收益。所以,提供 “可扩展性”,必然得是满足了相关的需求,不能是开发者一厢情愿而为之。当然为了追求技术精进,高度可扩展的案例,也是非常值得学习的。

这并不冲突。我们可以身怀绝技,但用的时候却只 “恰到好处”。这才是行家的手笔呀。

聊聊前端 UI 组件:组件体系


在本系列的上篇文章《聊聊前端 UI 组件:组件特征》中,通过从关注点分离的角度进行前端 UI 组件的构成分析,并以较为抽象的视角对 UI 组件分门别类,以及描述了让组件间可以表现复用的继承关系,从而建立出前端 UI 组件的特征模型。本文将以上篇文章中所得出的特征模型为基础,探讨下如何设计并建立一个前端 UI 组件体系。在做组件体系设计的时候,最重要的一点就是——要真真正正地想着把 UI 组件弄成可复用的,就像制造业生产时所用的物料一样——构造可交换的 UI 组件。










Cumulative Layout Shift in Practice


Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is a user experience metric that measures how unstable content is for your visitors. Layout shifts occur when page content moves after being presented to the user. These unexpected shifts can lead to a frustrating visual and user experience, such as misplaced clicks or rendered content being scrolled out of view.

Supercharge Testing React Applications With Wallaby.js


Ever had to switch your focus from your editor and to your terminal to see the results of your tests? This article will introduce you to Wallaby.js — a JavaScript productivity tool that supercharges your IDE by allowing you to get real-time feedback on your JavaScript tests in your code editor even before saving the file. You will also learn how to use Wallaby.js for testing React applications.

World smallest office suite


We are all familiar with a traditional office suite - a word processor, a spreadsheet, a presentation program, maybe a diagramming or note-taking app. We have seen it all in Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Those are really powerful and large. But what would be the most minimal amount of code required to build an office suite?

Please stop using CDNs for external Javascript libraries


Lots of websites use large Javascript libraries. They often include them by using a 3rd party Content Delivery Network. I think these advantages are overstated and lead to some significant disadvantages.

Rust after the honeymoon


All of this is not to say that Rust is perfect; there are certainly some minor annoyances (rustfmt: looking at you!), and some forthcoming features that I eagerly await (e.g., safe transmutes, const generics). And in case it needs to be said: just because Rust makes it easier to write robust software doesn’t mean that it makes it impossible to write shoddy software! Releated: Blades: A 'Blazing Fast' Simple Static Site Generator Built with Rust, Rust meets the web - a clash of programming paradigms.


Presenting v7.0.0 of the npm CLI


We are excited to announce the release of npm v7.0.0, which will be shipping with Node.js 15.0.0 next week. If you would like to try it out now, you can install today by running npm i -g npm@7 in your terminal.

Announcing: Flutter Community Plus Plugins


The Plus Plugins are a suite of open-source Flutter plugins that take some of the most common existing packages to the next level!

Babel 7.12.0 Released


TypeScript 4.1, strings as import/export names, and class static blocks.

Introducing the new Google Analytics


To help you get better ROI from your marketing for the long term, we're creating a new, more intelligent Google Analytics that builds on the foundation of the App + Web property we introduced in beta last year. It has machine learning at its core to automatically surface helpful insights and gives you a complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms. It’s privacy-centric by design, so you can rely on Analytics even as industry changes like restrictions on cookies and identifiers create gaps in your data. The new Google Analytics will give you the essential insights you need to be ready for what’s next.

Introducing Cloudflare One


It is the culmination of engineering and technical development guided by conversations with thousands of customers about the future of the corporate network. It provides secure, fast, reliable, cost-effective network services, integrated with leading identity management and endpoint security providers.

Definitely not Windows 95: what operating systems keep things running in space?


The updates don't come every spring and fall, but space operating systems keep evolving.

Atlassian Design System


Use Atlassian’s end-to-end design language to create simple, intuitive and beautiful experiences.



2KB immutable date-time library alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API

ReactGrid: Add a Spreadsheet-like Experience to Your React App


The UI element you can almost guarantee will be familiar to your app’s prospective users is a spreadsheet grid. The fully-featured ReactGrid comes in both MIT-licensed and commercial versions and can be demoed here.

TinyMCE for Web Components


Tiny is excited to announce our TinyMCE integration into Web Components. Web Components are a set of built-in browser capabilities that let developers create custom HTML elements in a similar manner to what is available in frameworks like React or Angular.

Announcing Ionic Vue


Ionic Vue has been written to take advantage of all the great new features that recently shipped in Vue 3.

ZzFXM - A tiny JavaScipt music generator


ZzFXM is a tiny music generator designed for size-limited JavaScript productions. It’s built on the equally tiny ZzFX sound library, by Frank Force.




A terminal spreadsheet multitool for discovering and arranging data.

Quasar Framework: Full Frontend Framework for Mobile and Desktop Apps


Meet the rising superstar Quasar framework that enables developers to create cross-platform applicat1ions from a single code. Find out how Razvan Stoenescu developed this extremely efficient framework from a naive need of an exhausted developer. Get acquainted with how Quasar helps build mobile and desktop apps for several platforms- Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, Linux, etc. You will fall in love with the fantastic features and functionalities provided by this fantastic Quasar Framework mobile apps. Finally, compare Quasar with another Vue.js framework Vuetify, and decide for your cross-platform app development.

ElectronJS alternative: SciterJS – HTML/CSS/JS in 4.5 MB executable


Sciter is an embeddable HTML/CSS/scripting engine, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Bubble Tea


The fun, functional and stateful way to build terminal apps. A Go framework based on The Elm Architecture. Bubble Tea is well-suited for simple and complex terminal applications, either inline, full-window, or a mix of both. Releated: Cobra - A Framework for Modern CLI Apps in Go.

Low-Level Academy


Low-Level Academy is an interactive course where you can learn systems programming by creating small projects from the first principles with visual and intuitive explanations.


The Short Guide to Generative Art & Creative Coding


Whether you’re a beginner or professional in art/engineering who is simply intrigued by the mesmerizing patterns of generative art, here’s some ways you can learn something new.

Refine, Remodel, Rebuild: 3 Strategies for Experience Improvement


To improve customer experience, organizations can choose solutions ranging from low to high investment and impact, depending on their current state, budget, risk tolerance, transformation readiness, and unmet needs.

设计向善 | QQ群作业策划故事




Help kids Be Internet Awesome


To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.

How AI is powering a more helpful Google


When I first came across the web as a computer scientist in the mid-90s, I was struck by the sheer volume of information online, in contrast with how hard it was to find what you were looking for. We’ve made tremendous progress over the past 22 years, making Google Search work better for you every day. With recent advancements in AI, we’re making bigger leaps forward in improvements to Google than we’ve seen over the last decade, so it’s even easier for you to find just what you’re looking for. Today during our Search On livestream, we shared how we're bringing the most advanced AI into our products to further our mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

The future of community: a future for communities


For the last year or so, but especially since this summer, I’ve found myself almost consumed by thinking about communities – how the best ones are created, and how they can scale. But I also started to realize the possibility space for interesting communities to have an impact on the world is much larger than I expected. Conversely, I think most of the money and effort being directed toward improving the status quo of community building is misdirected by a myopic view of where that impact will be, and what problems we need to solve together for that impact to be fully realized.

Good sleep, good learning, good life


This e-book attempts to produce a synthesis of what is known about sleep with a view to practical applications, esp. in people who need top-quality sleep for their learning or creative achievements. Neurophysiology of sleep is an explosively growing branch of science. Many theories that are currently contested will soon be forgotten as a result of new findings.




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对数据可视化有兴趣的可以阅读由 AntV 带来的 墨者修齐 2020-10-18 ·为什么智能手机会导致颈部综合征、名作失窃可视化、世界咖啡顶级生产国、对tensorflow中数据流图的可视分析、Bird Sounds、加餐-乘风破浪的 G6 3.8.0

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