This part briefly introduces how to import animation from Animcraft to Maya character.

The steps are also shown in Quick Start Videos


  1. Download the samples from Resources.
  2. Open Maya and Load Animcraft plugin for Maya.
  3. Open Maya sample file:
  4. Select any part of the character, Open Animcraft > Controller Mapping Editor to open the mapping window.
  5. Click Match, and animcraft will do some preparations.
  6. Back to Animcraft main window, select any animation in the library.
  7. Righ-click the MAYA button on the right lower of the Animcraft main window, and select an active Maya you want import resource into.
  8. Left-click the Maya button again, then back to Maya, you will see there will be a dialog window with some animation import options.
  9. Confirm and import animation to your character.


This section only covers how to import the animation from Animcraft to Maya with a prebuild character, it is very easy. But if you want to know how to import animation to your custom character or how to add arbitrary resources to Animcraft. Please read more further chapters


This section skips the mapping (retargeting) setup because it is using the prebuild and mapped character. The mapping setup will be introduced in further chapters.