If you have a human IK rigged character with retargeting data setup correctly, you can import animation to it from Animcraft directly.

Human IK workflow


Import Animation

  1. Make sure the Animcraft plugin is loaded in your Maya.
  2. Create a Human IK rig or open an existing scene with Human IK.
  3. Make sure the Human IK Skeleton Definition is Locked. (Otherwise, the animation cannot be imported)
  4. Select any part of the Human IK, click Animcraft > Controller Mapping Editor to open Mapping Window.
  5. There will be an extra button Match HIK appear in Mapping Window.
  6. Click Match HIK, HIK Source Attribute in Mapping window will be automatically switched to Animcraft Character.
  7. Import Animation to Human IK:
    1. Back to Animcraft Main Window, Select the animation resource you want to import to selected Human IK rig. See Animcraft Main Window
    2. (Optional) Right-click and choose an active Maya.
    3. click MAYA to send animation to selected Human IK rig

Bake to Rig

  1. Select the Human IK root bone, add select TranslateRotateScale channels in channel box.
  2. Bake Animation: in Human IK attribute Editor, click Bake > Bake To Skeleton, then click Bake > Bake To Control Rig.


Make sure the bake option is hierarchy instead of selected before baking your character.