Animcraft main window is a standalone 3D application. It is composed of the following modules:


In this Animcraft Main Window chapter, it only covers how to work with the existing resources and the resources were already exported from DCC apps. If you want to know more about how to export resources from DCC applications, please read the other related chapters:

How to Learn

We recommend that you learn this chapter as following steps:

  1. Know how to set directory and load existing character and animation resource libraries (such as the official samples).
  2. Know the software UI, features modules and menus.
  3. Know how to manage the resources in the library
    1. 3D Viewport and its features
    2. Resource inspect, rename, copy, delete, create/delete/organize folders, favorite, tag, search and filter
  1. How to import the resources to the Animcraft Library. These resources were previously exported from DCC applications (like 3ds Max, Maya, Blender).
  2. Learn work with FBX and mocap data.
  3. Character and animation merge tool