The motion capture or contents you brought from the Internet are all animated skeletal mesh data, the most common format of them are FBX and BVH. Using Animcraft, you can easily import FBX or BVH data into the library. Then with the mapping toolkit, you can both convert the character to general resource so that you can import any motion data into it, and extract the general animation resource from FBX and share it with any other character.

How to Learn

We recommend that you learn this chapter as following steps:

  1. Know how to import FBX and BVH data into Animcraft library as the raw character and animation data.
  2. Know how to map the character and resume it to T-Pose, and save mapping data with templates.
  3. Know how to extract general animation resource from raw animation, so that this animation can be shared with any other mapped characters in various 3D software.
  4. Know how to extract general character from raw character, so that you can import any general animation to this character.