You can import animation to any Unity character with Animcraft for the Unity toolkit.

The basic workflow is:

Import animation to Unity Engine character


There are some basic concepts and steps you need to understand beforediving into Animcraft for UE.


Extract Character

Extract Unity character to Animcraft.

  1. Make sure Animcraft main window is running.
  2. In Unity menu, click Animcraft > Connect Animcraft to connect Unity and Animcraft.
  1. In Unity, select the character which you want to import animation into it.
  1. Back to Animcraft main window and find the character library UnityTemp folder in resource tree. Right-click Get Selected Character from Unity to send the Unity character to Animcraft.
  2. Now you can see the Unity character in Animcraft 3D viewport.

Mapping Character

Before merging animation into character, you need to first map this character. Once it is done, you can skip this step for the repeated character.

  1. Mapping
    1. Load the template if there is one.
    2. If there isn't template for this character, you can do it manually.
  1. Resume to T-Pose, and tweak some bones if it not perfect.
  2. Save T-Pose

Merge and Preview

This step merge your UE character with Animations in library.

  1. Select the current character in Library, enable Merge Mode.
  2. Go to Animation Library, and click any animation.
  3. You can preview the result in 3D viewport.

Import Animation
After merging, you can export the FBX back to Unity

  1. Click the green Unity button to send it to Unity. The animation resource file will be sent into Unity.