Version 1.1.5

Release Date: 2-8-2021

What's New

Improved 3D viewport and experience.

Tags Feature Rewrite

The new Tag module has its own database now.

It will be much faster than before.

Fixed around 50 bugs

Make it more stable and smooth.

Coming Soon

We've been working very hard on Version 2.0 recently and it will be coming in early of April.

Version 1.1.4

Release Date: 1-12-2021

What's New

Improved and finished physical simulation toolkit

In Animcraft 1.1, we brought NVIDIA PhysX based physical simulation module in beta. And this time all UI, simulation workflow, and playback tools have been completed. You can now simulate some parts of the character and save the result as FBX.

Better Spine Palm Retargeting

Using the bone chain, average plane and swing aim constrain algorithm. Animcraft now has more detailed arbitrary vertebra number spine bone retargeting, which made Animcraft on a par with Human IK in this area.

Read More

Palm Bone Constrain

There is some very subtle hand animation on palm bones. From Animcraft 1.1.4 we'll bring it into the retargeting system. Then you can make the animation with palm rotations on the character's hands. Read More. Additionally, these features can be applied to any characters in 3ds Max, Maya, and FBX.

Enhanced 3D viewport

More Productivity Batch Tools

Bridge Plugins Upgrade

The APIs in Max 2021 and UE 4.26 have changed to Python 3 binding, after some refractory and adjusting, Animcraft supports them in this version.

Upgraded Resource Library

As a sub-system of Animcraft, the resource library will be upgraded each time when new release. This time it brings the new features including:

New Animation resources

Around 300 new animation clips come along with the new version, all of them has copyright and can be used unlimited and freely including commercial purpose.

Version 1.1.2

Release Date: 12-2-2020

What's New

Version 1.1.1

Release Date: 10-29-2020

What's New

The Animcraft 1.1 brings the new features in animation tools and improvements in user experience. While improving the features and refining workflows for existing tools. we have further expanded the toolset to include editing for FBX animation. Scene Editor, BridgeIK Rig, Animation Layer, Time and Keyframes Control now work together to enable character rigging and animation editing.

In this release, we have added support for another 3 animation platforms, which include Maxon Cinema 4D Blender and MMD. Animcraft can now work with most of popular software in the industry.

Animation and Scene Editor

Using the new scene editor, you can now load character with motions and author the data in the scene, then, send the result animation to any character in DCC software and game engines, or export it as FBX.

Animation Layer and Animation Concatnation Upgrade

We integrated the animation concatnation feature into the scene editor for creating the animation layer, and users can edit and add key frame based on it. This can be used to modify some animation in original FBX.

Time Control

With the time control tools you can now edit the animation much easier, Features include a new time slider, time block, frame rate, key frames control, and related UI in scene editor.

BridgeIK Rig System

BridgeIK is an FK/IK controller-based fully functional rig system, it can be automatically built from an animated character, then you can edit the animation with the rig and keyframe control.

History Undo Queue

Both in mapping window and scene editor, you can now use Ctrl+Z to undo the operations.

Viewport Navigation Upgrade

There are also improvements to several aspects of 3d viewport such as xray joint tool, TRS manipulator, Focus and Zoom-in, the overall user experience has been improved a lot.

6 Extra Import Animation Features

The new release enable users to utilize animation data with more parameters. You can now easily change the animation speed, frame rate, cycle number, also reverse, mirror, in-place the animations.

Partial Animation Import

A visual guided partial animation import tool can be quite useful if you only want to assign animation to some choosen parts of a character.

PhysX Based Dynamic Simulation (Beta)

The new PhysX based dynamic simulation system enables user to calculate the physical movement of character accessories.

Character Weapon Mapping Tools

We've added the weapon part into the mapping window, you can now map and retarget weapon and store the weapon animation into the library.

MMD Support (Need 3rd-Party Plugin)

The integration of MMD format allow users to drag and drop any PMD and PMX characters and animations into the 3D viewport and import them into the library. (3rd-party plugin is required, see document)

Blendshape Support

With the MMD support, the blendshape infrastructure are also added into the new release, the MMD facial animation now can be inspected as well.

Blender Support

Now Animcraft entirely supports Blender, users can import the animations to a Blender rigged character with the retarget features.

Cinema 4D Support

The Cinema4D support enables you to import animations from the library to a rigged character inCinema4D too.

Real-time Body and Finger Pose Library

this new release brings a real-time and intuitive body and finger pose library. You can quickly back and forth input and output the pose data between character and library.

Better FBX and Mapping Tools

Our FBX and mapping control tools are improved to enable even more precise and intuitive user experience.

a. Improved mapping and std-pose template

b. Record more bones in torso and shoulder to enable more precise control

Polished FBX and GLTF Importer

Our 3d viewport now is able to load almost all different FBX files which were exported from all different DCC software, also work with the GLTF from And this will be continued to upgrad in the later releases.

Resource Library Privilege Manage

New breed library structure allows you to define the user priviledge and control the library accessibility. With SQLite caching and privilege mangement, you can now easily achieve smooth team works without deploying, maintaincing and upgrading local servers and database.

Multimedia Library

Users can now import any videos and images (include GIF) into the new multimedia library, for quick referencing and sharing them within a team.

Version 1.0.5

Release Data: August, 6, 2020

New Features

FBX Workflow Total Upgrade

Animcraft now has comprehensive control abilities to deal with FBX. In the new version, it brings improved FBX viewport, better template tool, UI, and workflow, combining with retargeting tools, Maya (or other DCC software). Now you have full toolsets to handle the FBX in mocap, games, and animation workflow.

3D Viewport Upgrade

With the improved QWER transform manipulator switching tools, alt+mouse button camera navigation, TRS transform handlers, camera focus, the new version is getting more and more comfortable to work with.

Fully Support Blender

Blender is getting more and more popular in recent years. Now Animcraft entirely supports Blender, and you can import and export animations between Animcraft and Blender, Indirectly, you have the ability of exchang animations among different DCCs with Blender.

UE4 Plugin Upgrade

Animation Concatenation Upgrade

FBX to Adv Rigging Pipeline Upgrade

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 1.0.3

Release Data: July, 9, 2020

New Features

Animation Concatenation

You can concatenate any number of animation pieces together to a new animation clip. And the concatenated animation can be merged to the arbitrary character in Library and export as FBX or to UE4/Unity. And the parameters like animation transition range, turning speed, cycle number, offset values, etc, can be easily edited in the saved mini animation resource scene.

Local Database Cache

The new version has utilized SQLite to cache the resources. After a short time of refreshing and caching, everything will become faster and more smooth. This is also available in local network sharing deployment. Now your team can handle much more resources faster.

Extract Motions from FBX with Multiple Characters

If there is more than 1 character in a single FBX, the Animcraft can extract each motion from all players separately and store them into the library as multiple independent resources. If there is a template for the skeletal structure, it can also extract the general animation resource and get ready for exporting the motions to any other characters.

Blender Supports (Beta)

We've finished all the research tasks that how to port the Animcraft to Blender. And will bring the Animcraft for blend in the next version. Then you can share the animations among the Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, and Engines.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Version 1.0.2

Release Date: May 26th, 2020

New Features

1. Auto-craft Preview

Automatic craft skeletal character preview with animation curve data in animation and pose library. Compatible with biped and quadruped  with wings, weapons and other accessories. This makes better visualization for the skeletal characters and it is also able to check the animation data integrity.

2. Quadruped Support

The quadruped animation data can be imported in Animcraft from 3ds Max and Maya as general data, then the animation can be import into any other quadruped characters in 3ds Max and Maya

(currently only work with Maya and 3ds Max)

3. Pose Library (beta)

Pose, as a new resource type, is added into this version of Animcraft. As the same as animation, once the pose data has been imported in Animcraft library, it can be import into any other  characters in 3ds Max and Maya. Craft preview supported too.

4. Resource Management Speed Up

Naming convention and folder structure have been modified, yield the much faster reading speed. Also getting ready for the next version's massive resources management systems, millions of animations, characters and poses resources can manage in local database.

5. Online automatic upgrading available


Improved accuracy of importing fbx to ac

Bug fixes

Version 1.0.1

Release Date: Apr 28th, 2020

Bug Fixes:

New Features:

Version 1.0.0

Release Date: Apr 8th, 2020

Version 0.4 Beta

Release Date: Feb 2020

Version 0.3 Beta

Release Date:December 2019

Version 0.2 Beta

Release Data: September 2019

Version 0.1 Beta

Release Date: May 2019