Animcraft for 3ds Max is a full toolset for Autodesk 3ds Max including scripts and plugins. It provides the connecting to the Animcraft main window retargeting tools, as well as some independent rigging, animation and conversion tools.

How to Learn

We recommend that you learn this chapter as following steps:

  1. Animation import and export with Biped/CAT rigs.
  2. How to setup Mapping for an arbitrary FBX character, and convert it to Biped Rig:
    1. Mapping window and using templates.
    2. Convert FBX to Biped Rig (then copy models, skin weights and animation)
  1. How to map an FBX character and export animation and resources to Animcraft.
  2. Auxiliary Tools:
    1. Convert 3ds Max rig to Maya rig.
    2. Convert FBX to 3ds Max Bones